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Today the promised reportage from a wedding day of Marysia & Paweł. ( Their wedding strobist session at Gdańsk ) I was experimenting a lot using external flashes ( strobist ) during a pre-wedding time. It is an exhaustive piece of relation, so prepare for 130 photographies! Hope you will like it! :)

Fotografia ślubna Elbląg - zdjęcia ślubne. Dobre zdjęcia z wesela.

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10th place in FPFS contest

August 19, 2010

It’s nice to announce, that in II stage of FPFS 2010 contest ( Polish Professional Wedding Photographers Forum ) my photo took 10th place in “Ceremony” category. It’s photo from Marysia & Paweł wedding – whole reportage soon on blog. 10th place in context of so many great photographies makes me happy :)   Check all 77 photos – there are many worth watching! 10th place is motivating for still working on ideas and for catching great moments – we will see what next stages will bring :) And here is my rewarded photo:

Najlepsza fotografia ślubna - zdjęcia ze ślubu Gdańsk

This time photos in reversed order – first will be session of Marysia & Paweł. I will add some photos from their wedding day soon :) Now enjoy this session!

Plener ślubny nad morzem. Sesja ślubna nad morzem. Fotografia ślubna Gdańsk, Elbląg

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Today – some photographies from latest family portrait session in park. I like it, when my clients are not afraid of risking photographies in cloudy or rainy weather ( I still can’t wait for wedding session in rain! :) ). It’s not new idea, that the best weather for classic portrait is sky dense filled with clouds :) It was also nice occasion to take some children photos.

Rodzinna sesja fotograficzna z dzieckiem w Parku Oruńskim. Oryginalny prezent na rocznicę ślubu Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot.

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Few photos from yesterday engagement session with Gosia & Przemek in most popular park in Gdańsk. Also squirrels would like to have some photos! ;)

Sesja narzeczeńska w Parku Oliwskim - Gdańsk. Fotograf dla zakochanych Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot

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