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New website design!

October 13, 2010

New version of my site is done :) The new this-year portfolio, new info and newly designed graphics. I wanted to do it with KISS ( Keep it simple, stupid ) principle on mind :)

It’s only in polish version now, but soon I will add also the one in english :)

Check out my new site on


How do you like my new site? :)

2010/2011 offer actualization

September 18, 2010

I’ve made some offer actualization for weddings in Poland. I introduced also photo boxes with all the photos of package on 15x23cm. Do you remember these old boxes with family photos? :) For weddings in Europe, please contact me by e-mail: Offers for the weddings outside Poland are made individually, starting at 1200€.

My 365-days project blog is participating in contest for the best 2010 Polish blog contest for the best 2010 Polish blog, organized by photography portal Ś ( ). The redaction of portal choose most interesting blogs of contest every week and then make an interview with an author. This time you can read there interview with me ( in Polish… ) interview for Ś

Wywiad dla Ś - Krzysztof Ziętarski

New blog!

June 9, 2010

Welcome to my new blog! You may not remember the old one, because I was writing it in polish :) It was not so impressive and elegant, thus the successor must come! New look of my blog seems more adequate, provides more space ( width ) for photographies and my work looks better here. My old blog can be found here ( polish ): Krzysztof Ziętarski – Old blog.


I will be writing here in two languages – polish ( native ) and english, as I start to offer my photography for EU market.


Besides my new blog I have created Facebook page, with all it’s goodness :) New posts will be delivered there, you can also press the “Like” button ;)

You’re welcome!