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My 365-days project blog is participating in contest for the best 2010 Polish blog contest for the best 2010 Polish blog, organized by photography portal Ś ( ). The redaction of portal choose most interesting blogs of contest every week and then make an interview with an author. This time you can read there interview with me ( in Polish… ) interview for Ś

Wywiad dla Ś - Krzysztof Ziętarski

In the newest issue of “Hotelarstwo” magazine ( of hotel branch ) you can read an interview with the owners of newly-opened hotel Hilton Gdańsk. The article was illustrated with two photographies by me. The third photo ( of Jan & Filip Wójcikiewicz ) is on the cover.

'Hotelarstwo' magazine cover - Hilton Gdańsk - owners photo

Hilton Gdańsk - Jan Wójcikiewicz - photo, interview

Hilton Gdańsk - Filip Wójcikiewicz - photo, interview

Together with my sister, Agata, we went for a little reconnaissance near Gdańsk, to search for some nice locations. Agata assists me in this season on weddings and on locations. She takes a lot of photographies and makes constant progress, so in near future she will maybe offer her own wedding photography. We went to Gdańsk precincts and found some nice colza fields so we could enjoy the photo shoot with great yellow colza background on our own.
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Preparings - Europe Destination Wedding Photographer - Bride and  Groom

Eleganckie zdjęcia ślubne na lodowisku

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New blog!

June 9, 2010

Welcome to my new blog! You may not remember the old one, because I was writing it in polish :) It was not so impressive and elegant, thus the successor must come! New look of my blog seems more adequate, provides more space ( width ) for photographies and my work looks better here. My old blog can be found here ( polish ): Krzysztof Ziętarski – Old blog.


I will be writing here in two languages – polish ( native ) and english, as I start to offer my photography for EU market.


Besides my new blog I have created Facebook page, with all it’s goodness :) New posts will be delivered there, you can also press the “Like” button ;)

You’re welcome!